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8Radio.com plays the music we like 24 hours a day from Dublin, Ireland.  No filler, no compromise, just quality new music and forgotten gems to treat your ears!  If you were lucky enough to get yourself a new Smartphone or Tablet recently, be sure to download the free 8Radio.com for it and keep us on your front screen! We’ve got great new music this week from She Drew the Gun, Anonhi, Teenage Fanclub, Exmagician and more!

Don’t compromise your ears, your listening time is valuable so tune in to 8Radio.com HERE, download the 8Radio.com app if you haven’t already and enjoy 8Radio.com wherever you are, whenever you like! Even if you miss your favourite show, you can catch it on our 8 On Demand Service HERE! There’s lots more too – read on!

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Every week we like to treat you to some video goodness from one of our new releases on 8Radio.com. Great tune with a very strange video for our musical selection this week. It’s brand new music from The Divine Comedy and it’s called Catherine the Great. nice video too!

8Radio.com On Demand

Check out our 8 On Demand service which features some of the Best of the week’s programming on 8Radio.com as well as some of our favourite interviews and it’s updated weekly! Just click HERE for details and to have a listen! Includes Sounds from a Green World with John Loftus, The Departure Lounge with Ann Marie Walsh, One Beat with Jackie Fox, Strange Brew with Gugai, The Essential Album, A Cuppa with Rachel Masterson and more.

During last years FM broadcasts, our Irish music guru John Loftus put together a list of 50 of the Best Irish Singles Ever! As a special treat we’ve put together a Youtube library of (almost!) all the tracks. Takes a while to load but it is worth it! Click HERE to watch.

 The Essential Albums!

8Radio.com brings you Essential Albums played IN FULL at 8pm on a Saturday night (repeated online Wednesday at 10pm). See the 8 connection? Clever eh? This week it’s another album that needs to be in everyones collection and as always we are looking for your suggestions of albums to play in full on Saturday nights. Click HERE for full details!

Every Sunday we continue our Mellow Sunday Mornings with Amber, Sunday Mornings from 10-12! Trust us when we say, there is no better way to wake up or lie on the floor than with 8Radio.com from 10am. Every weeknight, there’s more of the same in Mellow 8Radio from 11pm too.

 The 8Radio.com 8 Song Shuffle

We’re giving you the chance to pick the songs on 8Radio.com with the all new (well, perhaps not all new!) 8Radio.com 8 Song Shuffle every Sunday night at 9. Picture this: Your 8 favourite songs, linked together by something, no matter how trivial, played at the weekend on 8Radio.com. Click HERE for full details.

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