8Radio thanks you for your Support!

Thank you so much for your support for our #DonateTo8 fundraising campaign.  We hope you’re all the talk of the town with your amazing Tote Bags…..before they fall to pieces!  Your kind and generous donations enable us to pay our bills for the coming months and to apply for our temporary FM licence this Summer.  A particular thanks to those who have set up a recurring donation to #DonateTo8 – really makes a difference to our monthly expenses.  Most importantly, we’ll keep on playing the tunes and backing the music and the scene that we love!  Thank you again from all of us at

Everyone who donates will get themselves an amazing/terrible 8Radio Tote Bag. It’s great for carrying really small amounts of things around like a slim magazine, some sliced cheese or individually wrapped cream crackers! Just make sure to fill out your address when you’re making a donation or if you have already donated, send your address to and we’ll sort you out. Be the envy of several bagless people with your 8Radio tote!