About 8Radio.com

The 8Radio philosophy is simple – we play the music we like. Everything from 80s synth pop to brand new Irish and international gems to 70s post-punk. If the song is good, we will play it. We want your input too – have a listen to any of our streams and let us know what you think. If you want to take a look at our playlists, then click on the 8Music link above and if you want to get in touch, click on the Contact link.

8Radio.com is operated by 8Radio Vision Ltd, registered in Dublin in 2013.  It is managed by Simon Maher who was previously a founder presenter and General Manager of Phantom 105.2 from its early days as a pirate station through to its days as a fully licenced operation.

Following his departure from Phantom in 2011, Simon began working on putting together a group of like-minded individuals with a love of music and radio.

“I had been asking people what they listen and so many people tell me they have deserted traditional radio altogether which is a great shame. People still love music though so they have replaced their terrestrial radio listening with online radio/spotify/deezer and their own playlists which are by their nature a bit less structured than traditional radio. So, when we started putting the music for 8Radio together, we have gone for a much more random selection of high quality tunes. Think The National followed by Lucius followed by The Blades at lunchtime!”

In 2013 the 8Radio.com group was formed and a formal structure for 8Radio.com was born.  Apart from its online presence, which is 8Radio.com’s main broadcast platform, 8Radio has applied for, and been granted, temporary FM licences to broadcast to the cities of Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick at weekends. The next FM broadcasts are scheduled for late 2020. These FM broadcasts are intended to act as further proof of concept for the 8Radio.com format and provide an avenue for disenfranchised radio listeners to find their way back to Irish radio. 8Radio.com has targeted 8000 app downloads as well as 11000 Facebook likes, 2000 Instagram and 10000 Twitter followers by the end of 2020.

The operating company for 8Radio.com, 8Radio Vision Ltd has made submissions to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland setting out it’s views on the future of Alternative Music Radio in a changing radio environment and looks forward to the publication of the BAI’s plans after the completion of their Strategic Review. 8Radio.com believes strongly that there is a market for an Alternative Music service in Ireland operating on a business model which matches it’s niche appeal while providing a high-quality valuable outlet for music that would not normally be available on daytime terrestrial radio in this country.