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8Radio.com Sponsorship Opportunities

8Radio.com is a multi-genre Alternative music station, playing a vast range of music from brand new Indie cuts to electronica to new wave and vintage post-punk linked together by knowledgeable and passionate presenters!

The 8Radio.com plan 2023

8Radio.com is brought to listeners through a variety of platforms, including live Internet streaming, Smartphone Applications, and a temporary FM run in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway in September 2023 to celebrate our 10th birthday. 8Radio.com is also exploring other distribution options including DAB in Ireland and the UK, Cable and Connected Device distribution.  In 2020, 8Radio.com trialled on the éirdab DAB multiplex in Cork City and received a very positive response.

The operating company for 8Radio.com, 8Radio Vision Ltd has made submissions to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (now Coimisiun na Mean) setting out it’s views on the future of Alternative Music Radio in a changing radio environment. 8Radio will continue to ask that CnaM agrees to licence niche services on a workable business model which would both provide diversity and we believe spend back to Radio which has been lost to digital. We believe that now is the ideal time for CnaM to licence localised DAB radio in Ireland which would provide that diversity while lowering the barriers to entry which we feel do not benefit listeners, aspiring broadcasters or the future of Radio in Ireland.

8Radio.com believes strongly that there is a market for an Alternative Music service in Ireland operating on a business model which matches it’s niche appeal while providing a high-quality valuable outlet for music that would not normally be available on daytime terrestrial radio in this country.

How You Can Get Involved with 8Radio.com

Like what you hear? How can your company get involved?

At 8Radio.com, we have a variety of exciting and engaging sponsorship and promotion packages available. 8Radio.com is seeking to build partnerships with brands that compliment the various areas of the station. Furthermore, individual shows and features on our schedule are available for sponsorship. Spot Advertising packages are also available for our online service. Opportunities are also available for running Competitions and Promotions across the 8Radio.com schedule.

8Radio.com is delighted to offer a strictly limited number of Spot Advertising opportunities on our online service across our approximately 80,000 listener hours a month. 42 spot per week packages are available at very reasonable rates delivering a loyal, music-loving Irish-based audience. Enquire for details.

Sponsorship and Competition clients for 8Radio.com have included Molson Canadian Beer, MCD Promotions, Easy Food Magazine, Muzu.TV, Rabbithole Promotions, Aikens, Reads Print and Design, State.ie and a title sponsorship for Whelanslive.com. More recent clients for both our online and FM service have included Dolans Live Music Venue, Roberts Internet Radios & The Roisin Dubh, Galway.

In addition to cross-station sponsorship arrangements, 8Radio.com also have a number of suggested item sponsorship opportunities available for our FM broadcast weekends (Friday-Saturday-Sunday), including (but not limited to!):

Programme Sponsorship: Shows available across the weekend with live mentions each hour, pre-recorded sting 3 times per hour, 5 promos per day online, website, app and social media promotion. Clients have included Easy Food Magazine, State.ie, Dolans & Roisin Dubh.

The Essential Album: As sponsored by Molson Canadian in previous FM Broadcasts, this programme features an album that everyone should have in their collection played IN FULL on Saturday night at 8pm, curated by the programme presenter. Programme repeat online Wednesday at 11.00pm. Live mentions and 3 stings per hour on live and repeat. 3 promos per day online, bespoke page on website, social media promotion.

The 8 Song Shuffle: Presented by station founder Simon Maher, the 8 Song Shuffle features 8 songs on a musical theme every Sunday night from 9-11pm. A full hour of songs inspired by the 8 Song Shuffle and chosen by listeners is broadcast online every Thursday night at 11pm. Live mentions and 3 stings per hour on live and compilation. 2 promos per day online, bespoke page on website, social media promotion.

8Recommends: A recommendation of 8Radio.com’s favourite new tracks of the week. Previously sponsored by Whelans, Roberts Internet Radios, Reads.

What makes 8Radio.com different?

People often ask us about our philosophy, our USP and all that stuff. We sum it up this way: “We are black, we are white, we just say it, we just play music we like. We are uncomplicated, we don’t try to be cool, we just are who we are, people will like us or they won’t like us and that’s ok. We enjoy what we do, we share what we do, it’s not complicated, it’s so simple, its just 8. And in a world of complication and having to think and being shouted at isn’t it nice to just be with someone as simple and lovely as 8?”

Simon Maher, Founder 8Radio.com – August 2023.

Get in touch!

T: Simon Maher 087 27 12 321
E: simon@8radio.com
W: 8Radio.com
T: @8RadioIreland
F: Facebook.com/8RadioIreland
I: instagram.com/8RadioIreland
M: 8Radio.com, Suite 3202, 39/40 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

8Radio.com is operated by 8Radio Vision Ltd and launched in 2013. Managed by ex-Phantom FM Founder and Presenter Simon Maher, the station broadcasts from Camden Row, Dublin 8. To date 8000 8Radio.com Smartphone Apps have been downloaded, the station has 12,500 likes on Facebook, 10,800 twitter followers, 3,500 Instagram Followers and is listened to approximately 80,000 hours a month from 8000 listeners with the vast majority of Likes, Follows and Listening Hours being Irish based.