Listen to 8RADIO! 

There are many ways to tune into Smartphone users can download the customised App from the App Store for iPhone/iPad or from the Google Play store for Android.

The new Live iPhone/iPad app features improved audio quality on our webstream that uses only half the data of the old app! Clever eh? Windows phone users and Smart TV and Console owners can search 8Radio on TuneIn.

We also have a nifty Alexa skill. Just enable the 8Radio skill on our Alexa device and when you want to listen, ask Alexa to “Play eight radio” and away you go! If you don’t have the skill just ask Alexa to “Play 8Radio ON TuneIn”. For Google home users, just say “Ok Google, talk to 8Radio” and you’re sorted there too!

PC and Mac Users:

If you want to listen to on a PC, you can click on the player on the right (or launch the 8Radio Desktop Player also on the right) of every page or click Play below! If you’re listening somewhere with a firewall that doesn’t allow streaming, then choose the Port 80 player which should play pretty much anywhere but don’t tell the boss or the IT guy.

We also have a fancy new 320k MP3 stream on test for all you hi-fi buffs out there.  Really does sound lovely, except for the occasional bold old 128k MP3 which sounds rubbish.  We’re weeding those out though!  If you have big speakers, try it out or if you’re on wifi with your headphones we recommend it too! Just click the link below or HERE for the full experience!

If you have any difficulty tuning in to 8Radio, just email for assistance.